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Karma Kids at Zorbitz - Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Karma Kids at Zorbitz
Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Talia Leman is the Zorbitz Karma Kid of the Month, September 2009

Our Karma Kid of the month is Talia Leman, founder of “RandomKid” which provides staff and services to youth, of all backgrounds and abilities, for the development, management and accomplishment of their goals to help others.

By helping kids to become innovative and successful world problem-solvers, Talia is securing a better fate for our world now, and into the future. If you are someone who wants to make a difference in the world but don’t know how to do it, RandomKid will give you the tools you need to help. Talia has this to say "My goal is to help kids help others-- to educate, mobilize and unify kids and schools--empowering them to realize their power and invaluable worth to make this world a better place."

RandomKid is full of ways to help any kid achieve their goals of worldwide change. RandomKid has programs for kids with all levels of ability. Most of all, it teaches kids life long skills gained through allowing kids to be leaders and spokespeople for their chosen causes, even providing seed money to help them develop and brand their own products with proceeds designated to their cause. Another thing RandomKid does is safely connect kids across the globe who share similar goals, allowing them to work together, through a live, online, interactive program called, “RandomKid Live”.

Talia Leman keeps track of donations.
Talia keeps track of donations for RandomKid projects.

Talia Leman is making a difference

RandomKid Supports Katie Stagliano

Karma Kid Katie StaglianoLast months "Karma Kid Katie" is being supported by RandomKid in her efforts to help the homeless. Her passion is to grow food and donate that food to a local shelter. RandomKid is helping Katie spread the word. RandomKid provides many other suggestions on how to make a difference on their website at
Randomkid has made significant impact in the world around us and one of them was during Hurricane Katrina/Rita. During this time RandomKid unified 4000 school districts which brought over 10 million dollars to bring immediate emergency assistance to tens of thousands of survivors.

RandomKid has also helped with the world’s water crisis by joining together 4000 students worldwide (to date) to help nearly 8000 people gain access to clean, safe water on 4 different continents. This was all done with a program that helps kids develop their own bottled water products with the proceeds going to support technologies that bring safe water to the world.

Talia Leman Talia Leman Talia Leman
Talia Leman Talia Leman Talia Leman Talia Leman

Amazing Kids!

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