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Karma Kids at Zorbitz - Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Karma Kids at Zorbitz
Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Katie Stagliano is the Zorbitz Karma Kid of the Month, August 2009

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Katie Stagliano is making a difference

Katie Stagliano is Zorbitz Karma Kid August 09 My name is Katie Stagliano, I am ten years old and my dream is to make sure no kid goes to bed hungry.

My dream started when I received a cabbage plant from a third grade program with Bonnie Plants. I planted the cabbage seedling in a garden in the corner of my house, and watered it everyday. I would fertilize the cabbage and wed around it. My family and I watched it grow massively in size. When my cabbage was fully grown it weighed in at an amazing 40 pounds!

I knew my cabbage was special and it needed to find a special home. My mom contacted Fields to Families a local organization that help farmers get crops to soup kitchens that feed the hungry to see where I could donate my cabbage. They recommended we give my cabbage to Tri County Family Ministries, a local soup kitchen.

In May of 2008 we brought my cabbage to Tri County Family Ministries. When I walked in I saw a huge line of people waiting for what might be the only meal they would have that day. The people who worked there and who were eating there were so friendly and nice. As I served my cabbage to the guests and they thanked me for helping to feed them. I knew I could and I should do more to help.

Katie Stagliano is Zorbitz Karma Kid August 09That day at Tri County Family Ministries my dream was born. My dream is for there to be no hungry children. I may only be 10, but I know I can do it. I found help with my dream, first from Amazing-Kids! ( They held a 'Launch My Dream' t-shirt design contest. I entered and out of hundred of entries I won! My ‘No Hungry Children…All it takes is a seedling.’ T-shirt is now one sale at WWW.VERYMERI.COM. 10% of the sales will be donated to help me start gardens to feed people in need. But I didn’t stop there, I asked my school to help and they donated a huge plot of land for a garden. The whole school kindergarten to 12th grade is helping and the harvest is being donated to feed the hungry people. My dream continues to grow with more gardens and vegetable drives. As of July 2009 I have grown and collected over 800 pounds of healthy food to help people in need

I want more people to get involved, more people to help in the fight against hunger. Growing vegetables is fun and it so great to help people. If I can do it anyone can. It doesn’t take a huge garden just a pot on your front porch with one vegetable plant can make a difference. If people (I hope lots of kids too) could grow even one vegetable plant and donate the harvest to a local soup kitchen we could make a huge difference in the fight against hunger. To see how my dream grows check out my group on Facebook called ‘Launch Katie’s Dream’ and you can e-mail me at Together we can make a difference all it takes is a seedling.

Amazing Kids!

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