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Real Stories From Zorbitz Customers

Alice Cooper from Arkansas told us: I am so happy to have Luckyness in my life...

Feng Shui FUsion from San Diego told us: These are our best sellers, they truly sell themselves. They make perfect gifts our out of state friends have even given them to us as gifts not knowing we sell them!

Carmi from Southern California told us: I would like to say that your karma bead bracelets are truly special. My daughter and I wear our bracelets. I gaver her one as a gift. They are sweet, sentimental and can truly give a person strength, courage, balance. Thank you they are lovely. Namaste to you.

Flor N Saldana from Riverside California told us: Luckyness product means so much to me. First of all because I love the product and I love to see the reaction on people's face when they open up my gift to them (luckyness product). It brings a big smile to their face and a tear in their eye. There is nothing more rewarding in life than to see that you have made a difference in someone’s life with LUCKYNESS. Thank You Luckyness.

Ally McClaine from California told us: Your charms are amazing I have both the protection charm and the unexpected miracle charm and they empower me every day to do my best in all my activities. I love it that you product is not only an acessary, but it is so much fun and I wear them around my neck always.

Lenny from Chicago told us: I have to tell you... I've purchased around TEN of your bracelets here in Chicago at Transitions Bookstore. But I always wind up GIVING THEM AWAY to someone who notices them, admires them or desires them. This has reinforced the way of life I'm trying to live, namely to GIVE. It's the old, "we reap what we sow" addage and I find that the bracelets were never really MINE, just meant to pass THROUGH ME. And as I write this..... I'm wearing number ELEVEN!!!! Thanks for the great energy and the opportunity to GIVE.

Eric Lopez from New York City told us: Your bracelets are the complete gift.

Angelina from New Jersey told us: Finally someone that not only stands behind their product, but also practices what they preach.

Crystal Saldana from Las Vegas, NV told us: I have seen these beads and bracelets when I go to by groceries and I finally bought three bracelets. I took them home feeling very excited and grateful for my purchase. I wanted to wear each of the bracelets. The next day I began to feel the need to give them away. At work my friend told me that she had finaly made the decision to go back to school and so I immediately marched over to my desk where I had my bracelts and decided to give her the on with agate for miracles. Then I was inspired to give the second bracelet to another co-worker who has been very giving to me from day one. She had also drove me to the airport the week prior to catch a flight for an emergency trip back home to visit my grampa in the hospital. I was happy to give the gift of the nirvana bracelet to her. Thank you for this opportunity. THANK YOU!

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