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Miracle Charms by Zorbitz a Hit at Sundance

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. – February 10, 2008 – Zorbitz, inc. today announced that their new Miracle Charms, the hit of Sundance and invited to many celebrity studded events, is the product many believe to be the next hottest trend. “We attended the Harmony Project at Sundance, a Celebrity studded event and from the minute the doors opened, 20 celebrities and partiers were gathered around at all times picking and choosing charms and adding them to their necklace. 
Miracle Charms are beautifully designed Silver Plated word and shape charms that offer each individual the opportunity to customize their necklace, picking and choosing their own charms and adding them to their necklace. With two different Silver Plated chain lengths 16” and 24”, Miracle Charm Necklace fit the style of layering.
Zorbitz worked with a variety of celebrities and a team of designers to create the pre-made Miracle Necklace styles for those who want an easy choice. All Pre-Made Styles can be customized as well by adding more charms on to the pre existing ones. Every Miracle Charm comes with a card that describes the meaning of each. For only $4.00 retail, everyone can afford these can afford these beautiful charms and have the ability, for an incredible price to create the most beautiful necklace and gift.
“People love the ability to customize, said Robin Sydney, president Zorbitz, “To Mix that, with the hottest trend of layering necklaces with many charms makes this product fun and something the customer can be really proud of.”

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