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Zorbitz shows their support in October with Men Wear Pink Proud

Zorbitz, Inc., a women owned company, is committed to raising awareness, education and funding towards an end to Breast Cancer this October.  Zorbitz continues to create some unique ways to raise awareness about Breast Cancer and also provide, through donation, the services to help those who are fighting Breast Cancer diagnose, cope and treat their condition. Zorbitz believes that through generating high levels of awareness in our community and by increasing funding for Breast Cancer research we will sooner find a cure and end Breast Cancer. 

The Men Wear Pink Proud Awareness Program was created to generate an increased awareness of the necessity for funding for Breast Cancer research among men and prompt an active response from men who are supporting women in their lives with the disease.  Zorbitz reached out to a diverse cross-section of men across the nation; young and old, average Joe to fashion model, celebrity to music artist, blue and white collar, and asked them to show their support for the fight against Breast Cancer by donating a camera phone picture of themselves wearing a pink t-shirt or Pink United Bracelet to the website. 

Men Wear Pink Proud’s picture upload function is the unique way men who want to be involved can donate their picture online. Inspired by the mass popularity of Twitpic and Facebook, the upload function at utilizes a function similar to generate support among men for a good cause. Zorbitz discovered that there were so many men who were so inspired to show their support for the campaign and eager to take advantage of the novelty of wearing a pink shirt. Pictures of these men are posted in a collage on and sites. 

Men are affected both directly and indirectly from Breast Cancer.  Approx 1600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and an estimated 500 men will die from Breast Cancer this year. Not to mention the thousands who have someone close to them who is affected by Breast Cancer. On, men will be able to read real stories of other men that have dealt with their loved ones being affected with breast cancer. A group called Men against Breast Cancer supports this campaign. 

Zorbitz will Provide Services to Cope: For men and women who have breast cancer or has someone in their life who is effected by breast cancer, Zorbitz is offering links to a number of charities where they can chat in a real time chat room or by phone to people who either have or had Breast Cancer and get advice on how to cope or deal, or just talk with someone who is going through what they are going through. They can log on, create a profile and find other people in forums and profiles to get the support they need. Zorbitz wants everyone to know that they are not alone. 

Zorbitz will Help to Prevent:  In addition to providing helpful techniques to check for Breast Cancer on, Zorbitz has joined with the National Breast Cancer Foundation who offer FREE Mammograms to those who can’t afford it.  The National Breast Cancer Foundation’ mission is to save lives through early detection, providing diagnostic breast care services for those in need, and providing nurturing support services.  

Zorbitz will Raise Money to Find a Cure:  10% Net of every Pink United Product is donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation and 10% of every Pink Karma Bracelet and Pink Art of Luck Bracelet is donated to Breast Cancer Network of Strength in Oct.  Zorbitz hopes to donate thousands of dollars this year to find a cure.

Zorbitz created Pink United to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer by joining many companies together. In 2007, in a joint effort with Whole Foods Market, in the month of October, Pink United raised $70,000 for Breast Cancer. Also in 2007, Zorbitz donated 50,000 pink strings to the Revlon Run and 17,000 pink strings to the Race for the Cure.   In 2008, a video was made and released by Clear Channel and Network television for Pink United to raising awareness.  Also, in 2008, Pink United made a huge difference for Breast Cancer. This year, in 2009, Zorbitz hopes to reach out to a broader range of people and make an event bigger impact in October.

“I want to do something different this year to raise awareness and money for Breast Cancer,” Said Robin Sydney, President Zorbitz “ I want to focus on communicating active ways men can show their support for women and men who are fighting breast cancer such as finding ways to provide services help loved ones cope, free mammograms to those who can’t afford it, and by raising the money research needs to find a cure.  May we end Breast Cancer Forever.”

October is an important month to Zorbitz and Pink United and may its efforts end Breast Cancer once and for all.  




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