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Magic Wishing Bracelets is the New Club Penguin

Users who Love Club Penguin are going crazy for Magic Wishing Bracelets

Kids who love Club Penguin and Webkins are going crazy for Magic Wishing Bracelets, because, while offering similar features to the other sites, Magic Wishing Bracelets introduce a whole new world of features that kids love.  Magic Wishing Bracelets launched with immediate success.  Similar to Webkins, every bracelet comes with a keycode to unlock a different adventure online in Princess World.  Your adventures can be linked together when you collect more bracelets.  Hours of fun and a cute bracelet for only $5 SRP!!

Magic Wishing Bracelets ( is easy to navigate and allows users to create their own Princess, explore the kingdom, interact with animal friends, earn Princess Points, and do a variety of fun activities and games in every land.  But Magic Wishing Bracelets take it to the next level and offers kids the ability to take a picture and send a E-card to all their friends, featuring their very own Princes. They can play a variety of educational games and befriend Princess Renee, joining her in a multi-level videogame where kids will find hidden crowns and treasures, meet animal friends, and earn princess points on their quest to save the prince.  Coming soon, kids will be able to explore the palace in the new Palace Hunt. They also will have fun interacting with other Princesses in MyPalace. The coolest feature that kids love is that every week they receive letters from Princess Renee as she travels around the palace and the world.  Each email is fun to read and packed with educational content and each rewards the kid with Princess Points to answer a bonus “Good Deeds” question.

Unlike Webinz, where your animal would die after an expiration date, kids can enjoy their Magic Wishing Bracelet and the Princess Kingdom for eternity.   

Parents love Magic Wishing Bracelets for their educational content and the fact that it is 100% safe.   Parents never have to worry.  In Club Penguin, parents were unhappy because even though there are live moderators, users found ways to sneak in inappropriate materials.  Because kids love making friends and interacting with other princesses online, Magic Wishing Bracelets is launching MyPalace, similar to MySpace in that they can make other friends, but all chat is protected, using ONLY pre-selected words and sentences, so there is no ability to list anything inappropriate. Hours of “safe” fun is what Magic Wishing Bracelets is all about.  In MyPalace, kids will enjoy making greeting cards for their friends, designing their palace, playing games with other princesses and more.  The more kids play, the higher their Royal rank.  Several focus groups show that kids love this feature!!!

It is no surprise why kids and parents are going crazy for Magic Wishing Bracelets with never before seen features that are fun, educational, and safe.  New features are continually coming out regularly.  Magic Wishing Bracelets are sure to be a huge hit amongst Princesses everywhere.    

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