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Karma Kids at Zorbitz - Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Karma Kids at Zorbitz
Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Evan Ducker is the Zorbitz Karma Kid of the Month, November 2009

Evan Ducker

Evan Ducker

Evan Ducker

Evan Ducker

Our November Karma Kid got fed up with how insensitive people can be. Evan Ducker was born with a birthmark on his face and received many mean comments about it. He wanted to do something about is and decided to do something for all the kids out there that have felt the pain of others making fun of them for similar birthmarks. Finally he came up a solution and his mission was to create awareness and educate everyone else in the world about birthmarks. Together with his loving and supporting mom he wrote wonderful Children's book called Buddy Booby's Birthmark to help everyone else that have been effected by birthmarks.

"They were always coming up to me and asking, 'What happened to your face?' Sometimes people would be pretty rude. They didn't think about how their comments might affect me or my family," Evan says.

Inspired both by his real-life experiences and his love of animals, Evan wrote a book called Buddy Booby's Birthmark.

"I wanted my story to teach kids about endangered species, which are one of my passions -- and also about what it's like to live with a birthmark." And as it turned out, other kids with birthmarks were looking for a book they could relate to too!

Evan's book is about Buddy, a Red-Footed Booby bird from the Galapagos Islands. These kinds of birds have red feet because of a vascular condition similar to that of birthmarks in humans. But Evan' bird Buddy doesn't have red feet he has a birthmark on his face. There is more information about Red-Footed Booby birds in Evan's book.

Evan's book was featured on a segment on the CBS early show and it led to many other interviews for newspapers and TV stations. Soon teachers across the world were using the book to teach kids about tolerance.

Evan's book even inspired the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation (VBF) to launch the first-ever global reading initiative for birthmark awareness and tolerance in schools. The "International Buddy Booby's Birthmark Read-Along for Tolerance and Awareness" is now scheduled annually on May 15th. Every year, thousands of children from nearly 100 schools in 8 countries (including Australia, Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Canada, Panama, Malta, and the U.S.) simultaneously read and discussed Buddy Booby's Birthmark. The VBF also named the book's main character-- Buddy, the red-footed booby bird-- as their official global mascot for birthmark awareness!!

You can sign your school up to participate in the 2010 International Read-Along for Tolerance and Awareness at:

Evan knows that birthmarks can affect anyone and knows from experience that it can lead to expensive surgeries to correct eyesight damage that it may do. Evan understands that millions of families struggle to get the treatment that they may need.

"My dream is to raise $100,000 for both the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation and endangered species through proceeds from Buddy Booby's Birthmark book sales and a series of Ty Beanie Babies or other similar plush toys (based on the Galapagos Island characters featured in the book.)," Evan explains.

Evan also hopes that every school library will have a copy of Buddy Booby's Birthmark - so that children will understand more about birthmarks and so that birthmarks will no longer be surrounded by superstitions and negativity.

Evan has got a lot recognition for all of his hard work to educate about birthmarks to find out more about his amazing book please see his website here

Below is a list of all of the different events and highlights of all that have happened as a result of Evan's amazing book.

  • Evan was just interviewed for an article set to appear in the February 2010 Ladies Home Journal Magazine.
  • November 5, 2009 - Evan will be interviewed by Bill Bradley, as a guest on his XM Satellite Radio Show, American Voices.
  • October 29, 2009 - Doritos released 44 million bags with Evan's picture on them! He was named one of the "Top 12 Youth World Changers" by the Do Something organization - for his efforts raising birthmark awareness, increasing tolerance, and decreasing discrimination in grade schools across the world.
  • October 2009 - Evan was featured on a talk show with founder of Amazing Kids and Karma kid partner Alyse Rome. To hear the interview go here
  • October 2009 - Teaching Tolerance magazine listed Evan Ducker's book, Buddy Booby's Birthmark, as a teacher resource in it's 2009 edition -
  • 10/23/09 - Evan spoke in Washington, D.C. as part of the inaugural Hannah Storm Foundation "Birthmark Advocacy Summit," held at the Brookings Institute.
  • September 2009 - Kids Health Website began featuring a 5-page article on Evan Ducker and Buddy Booby's Birthmark here:
  • July 2009 - Evan was named a "Kohl's Kids Who Care" Regional Scholarship Winner for making a difference in others lives, world-wide.
  • June 2009 The Jonas Brothers began featuring Evan and his Buddy Booby's Birthmark Read-Along video on their website here
  • May 15, 2009 - Evan's 4th annual "International Buddy Booby's Birthmark Read-Along for Tolerance and Awareness" was celebrated by 110 classes from 8 countries around the world including England, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, Canada, Panama, Puerto Rico and the United States.
  • May 13, 2009 - "Do Something" posted Evan's entry video on You Tube, here:
  • April 2009 - Evan is one of 12 national finalists competing in the "Do Something" Grant Award Competition in New York City. Do Something is an organization "celebrating and empowering the most outstanding young world-changers". More here:
  • 4/1/09 - National News - Evan was awarded a $500 grant from the "Mix it Up" organization ( and a generous donation from The Light For You Charitable Foundation. The funds will be used to provide free books and certificates to the first 100 schools participating in the 2009 "International Buddy Booby's Birthmark Read-Along for Tolerance & Awareness".
  • 3/20/09 - International News - Evan was invited to speak to 100 families of children with birthmarks at Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Dublin, Ireland!
  • February 2009 - Evan meets professional hockey player, Brian Ihnacak after Brian's game with the Elmira Jackals Hockey Team.

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