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Karma Kids at Zorbitz - Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Karma Kids at Zorbitz
Amazing Kids Doing Amazing Things

Leanna Archer is the Zorbitz Karma Kid of the Month, March 2010

Leanna Archer

This months Zorbitz' Karma Kid, is Leanna Archer of Long Island, New York. Leanna Archer is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the United States and is the CEO of Leanna's Inc.

She started it all by a dream even though she ran into many people telling her that she was too young to start her own company.

It all started by a special recipe that her mother had been using since she was two yeas old. It was a special recipe that was created by her great grandmother

Everywhere she went she always received many comments about how great her hair looked.

Since everyone seemed to really like her hair she felt that it would be a great business opportunity for her.

Her parents didn't want to discourage her but they just didn't know how to go about starting her own business.

Nothing could hold Leanna back and she gave her first jar of pomade to a friend of hers aunts who was trying to regrow her hair after chemotherapy.

After 6 months the friend wrote back to Leanna thanking her very much for the product. That was all Leanna needed to get her started.

That was all Leanna needed to get her started. Soon after she started giving the pomade to friends at school and other people that she knew. Not to long after that she started to receive checks for more products!

Leanna recieving an awardThe Leanna Archer Foundation

After some time of selling her incredibly successful hair pomade she now grosses over $180,000 per year by mainly selling its products online, at some health food stores and beauty salons.

A couple of years ago she started the Leanna Archer Foundation, dedicated to helping provide schooling, food and other support to Haiti's underprivileged children.

Leanna's family heritage is Haitian, and she wanted to do something to help children from her family's native country. Because of helping Haitian children, Leanna was invited by the president of Haiti, Rene Preval, to meet with him in Haiti!

President Preval has even invited her back for a second visit!


Leanna also recently started the TEENCEO blog on TEENCEO.TV

Leanna says she started it so that she could help tweens and teens in finding a way, through positive ideas, to follow their dreams of success for the future.

Leanna's company has a Kid's Rep Program which makes it easy for kids to sell her products with their parent's help anywhere in the US and the information is available on her website.

After achieving success at such a young age Leanna hopes that she'll be able to continue her business and grow it further and in the future plans to become a business lawyer.

Leanna helping people in HaitiLeanna meeting the haitian president

Amazing Kids!

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