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Art of Luck Friendship Bracelets
Each Natural Gemstone Bracelet comes with a Beautiful Charm.
Art of Luck friendship bracelets with white gold dipped charms - Discover the Art of Luck
Amethyst/Angel Wing - Good Health & Protection(601)

Amethyst/Angel Wing - Good
This wing from your Guardian Angel can p [more]

Hematite/Feather - Happiness & Strength(603)

Hematite/Feather - Happine
Hematite can attract positive energy int [more]

Rose Quartz/Heart - Love & Friendship(602)

Rose Quartz/Heart - Love &
Rose Quartz can attract love and everlas [more]

Onyx/Peace Sign - Peace(606)

Onyx/Peace Sign - Peace(60
The Peace sign symbolizes peace and harm [more]

Aventurine/Lucky - Great Wealth Good Luck (607)

Aventurine/Lucky - Great W
This beautiful bracelet is created from [more]

Tigers Eye/Horse Shoe - Protection Good Luck (604)

Tigers Eye/Horse Shoe - Pr
This Horseshoe symbolizes good luck and [more]

Agate/Star - Unexpected Miracles(605)

Agate/Star - Unexpected Mi
Agate can attract many Unexpected Miracl [more]


Blue Sodalite can fill your life with jo [more]

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